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Burmon Pty Ltd

Burmon Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company made up of a team of Inventors, Engineers, Builders and Carpenters whose vision is to provide Innovative, High Quality and Value for money Products and Services to the Building Industry.


Burmon is proud to introduce the Cyclone Bracket -"Int. Appln PCT/AUS2014/000084" which has been specifically invented and designed to securely tie down roof trusses to wall frames for residential homes and multi-dwelling developments in Australia and Overseas. Both the Cyclone Bracket Standard and Cyclone Bracket Extreme has the potential to be installed in every house in all countries that are constructed utilizing a Truss to Wall frame tie down process.

Tradesmen and builders in Australia have been using standard connectors such as Triple Grips, Multi Grips & Cyclone straps to tie down roof trusses. All of these connectors were invented over 30 years ago and were specifically designed to be fixed using up to 15 hand driven nails. With the invent of nail guns to save time, tradesmen have been attempting to gun nail these connectors. There are two main problems that Independent Engineers and Certifiers observe with this type of tie down. 1. Nail gun injuries are on the rise as contractors attempt to drive nails through metal which results in dangerous ricocheting of nails. 2. Seven out of ten structural connectors fixed with gun nails are poorly installed according to the manufacturers of these connectors. The result of poorly installed connectors is poor structural safety and poor structural safety means non compliance and insurance risk to Building Companies.

There are more than 150 tie down connectors that need to be installed to secure the roof truss to the wall frame for a standard house. The process either using a nail gun or hammer can be laborious, resulting in undue stress upon the body of the tradesmen/ carpenter.

Burmon combine Impact Driver Technology with our patented Cyclone Bracket to provide carpenters with a Safe, Strong, Secure and Fast Tie Down System. Both Cyclone Bracket Standard and Cyclone Bracket Extreme are fully tested and Certified for the Australian Building Industry.


Burmon’s vision is to provide Builders and Carpenters with products and services that save money and time whilst improving the quality of the building process. Our vision also includes manufacturing products that will eliminate risks such as nail gun injuries and reduce risks such as falling from heights and non compliant connections.

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